Hôtel Alcyon La Baule

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Le Croisic, the salt marshes...

Our hotel located in La Baule is the ideal pied-à-terre from which to explore the peninsular of Le Croisic, its fishing and pleasure ports, Guérande and its salt marshes. The Romans harvested salt in Guérande, with remnants of villas proving their activity. It’s a real joy for the eyes to get lost amid the many harvesting grids of the salt marshes. Early in the morning or at sunset, the ponds sparkle and shine in incredible shades of silver, blue, green and pink. The small white pyramids of salt are shaped by “new generation” salt harvesters who carry the baton for their ancestral heritage.


Le Croisic

Just 10 km from our hotel

A stay at our hotel wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Le Croisic, which is part of the “Petites Cités de Caractère” network (Small Towns of Character). A range of atmospheres come together to tell the epic story of this maritime town. You’ll be able to explore the old town with its timber-framed houses or stroll along the quays thinking of the shipowners, captains and merchants whose boldness and wealth allowed them to construct the elegant townhouses. A walk along the port, used for fishing and for pleasure, is the best way to feel the soul of the place, as in the days when the old fish market was bustling with sales of sardines or when the “Kurun” boat returned from its tour around the world.

Salt marshes

Uncover this mighty mineral, just a stone’s throw from the hotel

Want to see how salt is harvested during your holiday? Just a few kilometres from the hotel, you and your family or friends will be dazzled by this unique natural environment, along with the passion for which those cultivating it have. Exploring this piece of heritage is a real must and sure to enchant you. On guided tours, you’ll learn about how salt forms, the history of the salt marshes and the work of Guérande’s salt harvesters.  
Plus, don’t leave without seeing the medieval city of Guérande. With its solid ramparts, it resembles the “Carcassonne of Western France”.


Le Pouliguen

A charming seaside resort

A family seaside resort town with multiple attractions, Le Pouliguen (from the Breton word “Poulgwenn”, meaning “little white bay”) will enchant you with its port, beach and wild coast. Le Pouliguen is best visited when departing from the Pointe de Penchâteau. Following the coastal road, you’ll come to the Nau beach which overlooks a park named Le Bois. From here, you can access the promenade, where you’ll find a succession of café and restaurant terraces, roundabouts, and sweetshops. It all creates an atmosphere that evokes the seafronts of the English Riviera in Devon.
A bit further upstream along the quays are sailor’s houses that abut early 20th century villas and more recent buildings.