Hôtel Alcyon La Baule

La Baule

Its never-ending beach, the best in Europe!

A stone’s throw from the beach and town centre of La Baule, our hotel is the perfect destination. You’ll be able to enjoy both the hustle and bustle of the Avenue Charles de Gaulle and the Place du Marché as well as the joys of the ocean, not to mention the great walks along the sea front or evenings of entertainment at the Casino Barrière, just 10 minutes on foot from the Alcyon. From the hotel, the seaside resort town is at your feet and you’ll be able to explore such neighbourhoods as La Baule-les-Pins, home to the Allée Cavalière that leads to the Escoublac Forest.

A little history

La Baule-Escoublac, La Baule-les-Pins...

On 11th May 1879, the first train on the railway between Saint-Nazaire and Le Croisic stopped at La Baule, a practically uninhabited locale amid dunes dotted with pine trees. From this railway, the different neighbourhoods of La Baule sprung up. In 1879, La Baule-Escoublac was born, followed by La Baule-les-Pins in 1930.

Even today, there’s more than just nuances that distinguish all these places. Whether by the sea or inland, you only have to venture down the back streets to smell the scent of pine resin and hear the wind in the pine trees – La Baule really has the most beautiful things to offer. Behind the garden fences are superb decorated façades and ornate rooftops, signs of the sheer decadence of the architecture of second homes during the Belle Époque.


The Bay of La Baule

Classed as one of the most beautiful in the world

Listed among the most beautiful bays in the world, La Baule’s fame comes from its beach, one of the longest in Europe. Stretching over 9 kilometres from Pornichet to Le Pouliguen, it is the incontestable star of France’s Atlantic Coast Its fine sand stretches like a circular arch facing the ocean. Ideal for walking down with your feet in the water, children come here as part of beach clubs, allowing them to swim in a gentle sea, and at low tide, providing them with a vast play area. On the embankment, you’ll find people in maritime clothes out for a stroll, runners wearing earphones connected to their smartphones, and cyclists with their hair flowing in the wind.

Highly renowned for its luxury shops, its casino, its international show jumping, its nautical regatta and its golf course, La Baule is a top destination in the Loire-Atlantique department.